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Caledonia Dressage Horses has a carefully selected collection of world class broodmares, which represent some of the best performance and breeding bloodlines in the world. A lifetime of horsemanship has gone into developing this exclusive breeding programme. A small stud making a big impact.

Caledonia Dressage Horses is located at Balblair Farm, nestled in a sheltered glen in the famous and beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Balblair has been owned by the Campbell family for many generations where good stockmanship has always been regarded as a matter of pride.

The bloodlines of the horses are chosen with great care from the very best of European breeding using both the old successful lines combined with the newest and most exciting modern horses. The selected mares are carefully matched to the greatest stallions in the world, using both chilled and frozen semen.

All horses are foaled at home and the foals are sensibly managed from birth. They are handled quietly and firmly to produce polite, confident individuals who want to please and are willing to learn. The horses grow up secure in our sheltered pastures where they live outside all year round with access to large barns in both summer and winter. They live in groups where they can graze and play, growing up in a stress free environment and behaving as horses are meant to. We are convinced, and research has shown, that this regular natural exercise produces strong muscles and tendons as well as a good attitude to life and work.

Caledonia is a small stud where the horses receive careful individual attention and where they are given the best possible start in life to prepare them for a great future. All horses receive specialist veterinary treatment, excellent regular farriery, balanced feeding and are wormed and vaccinated to a meticulous programme.



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